Shears Courses

Celebrating Achievement!

Student Graduation Date Course Salon
Megan Shaddick March 2023 Hair Professional Samuel Oliver, Hayes
Lily Brown March 2023 Hair Professional McQueen Hair & Beauty, Orpington
Student Graduation Date Course Salon
Charlotte Benyon October 2022 Hair Professional Briggs & Co, Chislehurst
Sian Willcox October 2022 Hair Professional Roxby Hair Design, Beckenham
Jessica James October 2022 Hair Professional Harold George, Dulwich
Abigail Stewart October 2022 Hair Professional MetalHeads, Bromley
Angel Dorkins October 2022 Hair Professional Salon 26, Bromley
Charlie Manning June 2022 Hair Professional Samuel Oliver, Hayes
Sophie Terry June 2022 Hair Professional Fame London, Eltham
Holly Armstrong December 2021 Hair Professional Hair 2K, Biggin Hill
Letifie Bakay December 2021 Hair Professional Reeba Hair & Beauty, Blackheath
Charlotte Addis December 2021 Hair Professional Changes, Dulwich
Jade Kamara December 2021 Hair Professional Elysium Hair & B, London
Georgia Cox December 2021 Hair Professional Village Way, Dulwich
Jasmine Smith October 2021 Hair Professional Inspire Hair & Beauty, London
Sydney Wigzall October 2021 Hair Professional Briggs & Co, Chislehursst
Poppy Lamb October 2021 Hair Professional Aitch London, Beckenham
Frankie Caine October 2021 Hair Professional Cutting Remarks, Beckenham
Rosie McRae October 2021 Hair Professional Go West, Blackheath
Morgan Pyne August 2021 Adv. Level 3 Samuel Oliver, Hayes
Renee Cahoon June 2021 Hair Professional Hype Hair, London
Elizabeth Bell June 2021 Hair Professional Facet Hair, Orpington
Nancy Flewker June 2021 Hair Professional Hair Studio, Eltham
Amelia Rhodes-Higgs June 2021 Hair Professional Go West, Blackheath
Sommer Baseby June 2021 Hair Professional Serenity Hair & Beauty, Orpington
Emma Coyne June 2021 Hair Professional Ego Hair & Beauty, Greenwich
Ellie Taylor June 2021 Adv. Level 3 Cutting Remarks, Beckenham
Molly Lawrence May 2021 Adv. Level 3 Hair 2K, Biggin Hill
Louise Parr September 2020 Adv. Level 3 Hashtag Hair, Beckenham
Student Graduation Date Course Salon
Martha Lazorczyk December 2019 Hairdressing NVQ L2 Self-Funded
Tia Drummond November 2019 Hair Professional L2 Next Ahead, Keston
Michelle Burgin November 2019 Hair Professional L2 Ego Hair & Beauty, Greenwich
Libby Costello November 2019 Hair Professional L2 Beyond the Fringe, Eltham
Sydney Tomkins November 2019 Hair Professional L2 Roxby Hair Design, Beckenham
Morgan Pyne August 2019 Hair Professional L2 Samual Oliver, Hayes
Bonnie Harvey August 2019 L3 Advanced Hairdressing Elysium Hair & Beauty, London
Sophie Hinves June 2019 L3 Advanced Hairdressing Ego Hair & Beauty, Greenwich
Molly Lawrence June 2019 Hair Professional L2 Hair 2K, Biggin Hill, Kent
Ellie Taylor June 2019 Hair Professional L2 Cutting Remarks, Beckenham
Zoe Blackham June 2019 Hair Professional L2 Cutting Remarks, Beckenham
Charlotte Hensman June 2019 Hair Professional L2 Kuki Hair, London
Student Graduation Date Course Salon
Jessica Pellegrino August 2018 L2 Hairdressing Harold George
Tegan Dalton August 2018 L2 Hairdressing Claus & Co
Laura Navogrodskiene June 2018 L2 Hairdressing Self-funded
Jack Croft June 2018 L3 Advance Hairdressing Briggs & Co
Chloe Champ June 2018 L3 Advance Hairdressing Salon 26
Tiffany Davies June 2018 L2 Hairdressing Briggs & Co
Arvjola Meca June 2018 L2 Hairdressing Self-funded
Chelsea Shorter June 2018 L3 Advance Hairdressing The Hair Studio
Samantha Main June 2018 L2 Barbering The Barbers of Bromley
Paige Clitheroe June 2018 L3 Advance Hairdressing Headnizm
Sophie Hinves May 2018 L2 Hairdressing Ego Hair & Beauty
Lily Ward May 2018 L2 Hairdressing Image, London
Amelia Hyde April 2018 L2 Hairdressing Riverside Hair, Oxo Tower
Mandushe Kpuzi April 2018 L2 Hairdressing Chandler Wright
Sydney Olding March 2018 L2 Hairdressing Cutting Remarks
Grace Reading-Taylor February 2018 L2 Hairdressing Head Over Heels
Harry Oldfield February 2018 L3 Hairdressing Harringtons, London
Chloe Newton February 2018 L2 Hairdressing Options
Victoria Thomas February 2018 L2 Hairdressing Village Way, Dulwich
Marta Bogdanova January 2018 L2 Hairdressing Changes
Florintina Petcu January 2018 Level 2 Hairdressing Self-funded
Gabriella Lupan January 2018 L2 Hairdressing Self-funded
Student Graduation Date Course Salon
Lorrianne Ward-Lane November 2017 L2 Hairdressing Cutting Remarks
Bonny Harvey November 2017 L2 Hairdressing Alysium H&B
Ellena Dann November 2017 L2 Barbering Antonio's Males Grooming
Charlotte Hawkins November 2017 Advance Hairdressing Lounge Hair & Beauty
Jayda Ergin November 2017 L2 Hairdressing Hair on the Green
Lorraine Ward-Lane November 2017 L2 Hairdressing Cutting Remarks
Maddie Rae Hemming November 2017 L2 Hairdressing Morgan Hair
Ann-Marie Loren November 2017 L2 Hairdressing Woodheads
Ruya Karatay October 2017 L2 Hairdressing Go West
Blerta Hushi October 2017 Self Funded -
Blerta Zogi October 2017 Self Funded -
Courtney Stewart-Erskine October 2017 L2 Hairdressing Harold George
Enis Pajaziti October 2017 L2 Barbering John's Barbers
Aaliyah Reed October 2017 L2 Hairdressing Unique Hair
Keelin Wood September 2017 Advance Hairdressing Hype Hair
Aisha Faci September 2017 L2 Hairdressing Go West
Joy Say August 2017 L2 Hairdressing Freelance
Sabina Neacsu July 2017 L2 Hairdressing Chandler Wright
Samuel Griffin June 2017 Advance Hairdressing Samuel Oliver
Hannah Duff June 2017 Advance Hairdressing The Cutting Rooms
Nicole Townsend June 2017 L2 Hairdressing Foxes Hair & Beauty
Unal Uzunlar April 2017 L2 Barbering The Charlton Barbers
Daniella Daly March 2017 L2 Hairdressing Mary Dolls
Keisha Stewart February 2017 Advanced Hairdressing Oliver Stephens
Mustafa Deveci February 2017 L2 Barbering Smart Chaps
Amy McCormack February 2017 Advanced Hairdressing Gossip Sisters
Bonnie Jardine February 2017 Advanced Hairdressing Briggs & Co
Sabi Ali February 2017 Advanced Hairdressing Village Way
Kayla McLeod February 2017 Advanced Hairdressing First Glance
Krista Dinka February 2017 L2 Beauty Inspire Hair & Beauty
Emma Ballard February 2017 L2 Hairdressing Hairdressing Gallery
Kayleigh Vanstone February 2017 L2 Hairdressing Ego Hair & Beauty
Megan Montgomery February 2017 Advanced Hairdressing Harold George
Chloe Champ Janurary 2017 L2 Barbering Salon 26
Amy George Janurary 2017 Advanced Hairdressing Claus & Co
Eloise Chalmers Janurary 2017 L2 Hairdressing Mirror Mirror
Paige Clitheroe Janurary 2017 L2 Barbering Headnizm
Student Graduation Date Salon
Sinem Bakici December 2016 Hair by Friends
Georgia Chiericato December 2016 Whistles
Chloe Hackett November 2016 Eden Beauty
Imogen Sullivan November 2016 Roxby
Bow Bowman November 2016 Cutting Remarks
Karis Burgess October 2016 Pauls – Boutique Spa
Tommy Owen October 2016 Antonios Male Grooming
Jack Croft October 2016 Briggs & CO
Demi Freeman October 2016 Unique
Lucia Agoussa September 2016
Breize Levett September 2016 Hair Lounge
Oliver Heath September 2016 Harvey's Barbers
Ruth Natocijeva September 2016 Shears Academy
Harry Oldfield September 2016 Elliot Gerred
Payne, Charles September 2016 Antonios Males Grooming
Jordan, Meghan August 2016 Smiths
Tye, Catherine July 2016 Indulgence Beauty
Guidotti, Taylor July 2016 Shimmer
Kelledy, Georgia July 2016 Franco & Pino Barber Shop
Botten, Hannah July 2016 The London Look
Shill, Jessica June 2016 Claus & Co
Meehan, Annie June 2016 Emslie Griffin
Debattista, Tracy June 2016 -
Slattery, Jade May 2016 Harold George
Kaya, Semiye May 2016 Village Way - Forest Hill
Conway, Sarah-Louise May 2016 Geddes Hair
Brown, Molly May 2016 Chandler Wright
Houselander, Katie May 2016 Go West
Duff, Hannah April 2016 The Cutting Rooms
Inkaya, Ayten April 2016 Famous Stylist
Maskell, Donna April 2016 -
Lashmar, Sally April 2016 Eden Beauty Academy
Mort, Meghan March 2016 Cutting Remarks
Doherty, Michaela March 2016 Woodhead
Dalby, Joseph Febuary 2016 Claus & Co
Phelps, Emma Febuary 2016 Cutting Remarks
Ellick, Parice January 2016 Village Way - Dulwich
Emiralioglu, Kenan January 2016 Smart Chaps
Carpenter, Esme January 2016 Viva
Champ, Chloe January 2016 Salon 26
Goodman, Chloe December 2016 Ego Hair & Beauty
Student Graduation Date Salon
Stewart, Keisha November 2015 Oliver Stephens
Clitheroe, Paige November 2015 Headnizm
McCormack, Amy Louise November 2015 Gossip
Ali, Sabi October 2015 Village Way - Dulwich
Murphy, Shaunagh September 2015 Reeba
Ellis, Tracey September 2015 122 Hairdressing
Banks, Chloe September 2015 Celsius
Gradley, Megan September 2015 The Cutting Rooms
Jones, Michael September 2015 Antonios Males Grooming
O'Neill, Rhian September 2015 Antonios Males Grooming
Akbal, Sinem September 2015 Village Way - Dulwich
Jardine, Bonnie September 2015 Briggs & Co
Frazer, Chloe September 2015 Shears Academy Limited
Freeman, Demi September 2015 Unique
Stewart, Alice July 2015 Reeba
Veale, Laura July 2015 Whistles
Gentry, Jodie June 2015 Samuel Oliver
Keefe, Danielle June 2015 The View
McLeod, Kayla June 2015 First Glance
Bowman, Kennedy June 2015 Cutting Remarks
George, Amy June 2015 Claus & Co
Brown, Julia June 2015 Mirror Mirror
Shill, Jessica May 2015 Claus & Co
Watts, Lee May 2015 Oliver Stephens
Slattery, Jade April 2015 Harold George
Spice, Paula March 2015 Oliver Stephens
Matthews, Paige Febuary 2015 Hype Hair
Stewart, Keisha Febuary 2015 Oliver Stephens
Kent, Fallon Febuary 2015 Self-Funded
Stoneman, Elizabeth Febuary 2015 Hashtag
Doherty, Michaela Febuary 2015 Woodhead
Brown, Molly January 2015 Hair By Friends
Tolster, Shannan January 2015 Morgan Hair
Student Graduation Date Salon
Coward, Symone December 2014 Samuel Oliver
Draycott, Taylor December 2014 Village Way - Forest Hill
Kaya, Semiye December 2014 Village Way - Forest Hill
Parkin, Charlotte November 2014 Foxes Hair & Beauty
Divers, Bernadette November 2014 Mirror Mirror
Holder, Chloe November 2014 Unique Hair & Beauty
Kelly, Tayla October 2014 Shell Shock
Phelps, Emma October 2014 Cutting Remarks
Hawkins, Charlotte October 2014 The Lounge Hair
Malonyte, Jurgita October 2014 Atelier Hair & Beauty
Archer, Aimee October 2014 Oxo Riverside Hair
Thom, Nicole October 2014 Chandler Wright
Hayman, Victoria September 2014 Dolls House Hair Boutique
Tear, Lewis September 2014 Changes
Murphy, Shaunagh September 2014 Reeba
Shand, Fay September 2014 Celsius
Clarke, Jade August 2014 The Cutting Rooms
Holliday, Michaela August 2014 Pauls - Boutique Spa
Baker, Charlie August 2014 Harvey's Barbers
Porteous, Alexandra August 2014 The Cutting Rooms
Gradley, Megan August 2014 The Cutting Rooms
Finken, Kay August 2014 Private Candidate
Hunt, Holly July 2014 Gossip
Neal, Molly July 2014 Ego Hair & Beauty
Wright, Ruby July 2014 Chandler Wright
Walsh, Sophie July 2014 Mirror Mirror
Clarke, Jade July 2014 Chandler Wright
Francis, Tasheka July 2014 Kuki Hair
Arscott, Holly July 2014 Headnizm
Buxton, Emily July 2014 Blackheath Hair Studio
Chatfield, Katie July 2014 Pauls - Boutique Spa
Sadler, Elle July 2014 Samuel Oliver
Stevenson, Penny July 2014 Harold George
Dalley, Kelly-Jay July 2014 Roxby
Kelly, Daniel July 2014 Harvey's Barbers
Thornton, Demi-Jo July 2014 T E M P L E London
Drake, Gillian July 2014 Private Candidate
Heel, Nicole June 2014 Private Candidate
Coward, Symone May 2014 Village Way - Forest Hill
Roche, Christopher May 2014 The View
Hunt, Holly May 2014 Gossip
Stewart, Alice April 2014 Shears Academy
Ward, Chelsea April 2014 Mirror Mirror
Jones, Sherika April 2014 Charles Carter Hair
McGuinness, Roisin April 2014 Blackheath Hair Studio
O'Grady, Alfie April 2014 Kimber & Gale
Slattery, Jade April 2014 Village Way - Dulwich
Sellick, Zoe March 2014 Ego Hair & Beauty
Veale, Laura March 2014 Whistles
Codling, Ben March 2014 Shears - Croydon
Jones, Tanya March 2014 Willis B
Sarah Bennett March 2014 Private Candidate
Melanie Bishop Febuary 2014 Private Candidate
Student Graduation Date Salon
Evie Lacie December 2013 KTS Hair
Phelps, Emma December 2013 Cutting Remarks
Brown, Molly December 2013 Hair By Friends
Draycott, Taylor December 2013 Samuel Oliver
Kaya, Semiye December 2013 Village Way - Dulwich
Tolster, Shannan December 2013 Morgan Hair
Paula Spice October 2013 Oliver Stephens
Banks, Chloe October 2013 Mirror Mirror
Shand, Fay September 2013 Celsius
Carty, Rachel August 2013 Shears - Croydon
Hawkins, Charlotte August 2013 The Lounge Hair
Kelly, Tayla August 2013 Shell Shock
Mort, Meghan August 2013 Cutting Remarks
Roche, Poppy August 2013 Metal Heads
Hedge, Christie August 2013 Claus & Co, Bromley
Lennox, Charlotte August 2013 Paul’s Salons
Murphy, Shaunagh August 2013 Reeba, Blackheath
Archer, Aimee August 2013 Oxo Riverside Hair, London
Carroll, Rebecca August 2013 Hairdressing Gallery, Beckenam
Parsons, Lauren August 2013 Diamanté, Hayes
Peowrie, Emma August 2013 Chandler Wright, Blackheath
Tahir, Fikriye August 2013 Metal Heads, Bromley
Tear, Lewis August 2013 Changes – Dulwich, London
Clayden, Emily July 2013 Pauls, Bromley
Dorrithy, Carla July 2013 Oliver Stephens, Bromley
Rickner, Holly July 2013 Unique Hair & Beauty, Kent
Clarke, Jade July 2013 Chandler Wright, Blackheath
Webb, Danielle July 2013 Reeba, Blackheath
Morris, Samantha July 2013 Claus & Co, Bromley
Ward, Chelsea July 2013 Mirror-Mirror, Forest Hill, London
Gradley, Megan July 2013 The Cutting Rooms, Shortlands
Neal, Molly July 2013 Ego Hair & Beauty, Greenwich
Wright, Ruby July 2013 Chandler Wright, Blackheath
Parkin, Charlotte July 2013 Foxes,  Beckenham
Poole, Lucy July 2013 The Slaughter House, London
Danielle Webb June 2013 Reeba, Blackheath
Chelsea Ward June 2013 Mirror Mirror, London
Samantha Morris June 2013 Claus & Co, Bromley
Emma Powrie June 2013 Chandler Wright, Blackheath
Nicola Middleditch May 2013 Temple London, Chislehurst
Laura Zeitheim May 2013 Private Candidate
Charmaine Pitts April 2013 Creative Hair Salon, London
Tracey Campbell February 2013 Private Candidate
Shameika Bennett February 2013 Charmaine Scott Coiffeur, London
Lucy Poole February 2013 Slaughter House, London
Chris De Faria February 2013 Michaeljohn, W1
Student Graduation Date Salon
Amy Clark November 2012 The View, Chislehurst
Jacira Costa November 2012 Michaeljohn, W1
Leanne Currie November 2012 Hair Creations
Tashika Francis November 2012 Kiku Hair
Eleanore Payne November 2012 Michaeljohn
Ben Coding November 2012 Shears Hair
Leah Lwin November 2012 Kiku Hair
Zoe Sellick November 2012 Ego Hair & Beauty
Samantha Neaves November 2012 Diamante - Hayes, Kent.
Jordan Cullen October 2012 Headmasters - Bromley
Danielle Eastabrook October 2012 Go West - Blackheath
Ayten Inkaya October 2012 Hairshapes - Welling, Kent
Daisy Nash October 2012 Aqua - Crofton Park, SE4
Lucy Taylor October 2012 Harold George - Dulwich
Patsy Ward October 2012 Mirror Mirror - Forest Hill
Jodie Seymour September 2012 Hype Hair - London SE16
Jamie Plested September 2012 Harold George - Dulwich
Jennifer Lehane September 2012 Private Candidate
Chloe Banks September 2012 Mirror Mirror - Forest Hill
Lily Lawrence September 2012 Oliver Stephens - Beckenham
Kasey Cope September 2012 Stevie B's - Eltham, SE9
Jessica Howard September 2012 Ugly Bettys - Blackheath
Amy King September 2012 Freelance Stylist
Dimitra Miaris September 2012 Michaeljohn - London W1
Rebecca Wade September 2012 Ugly Bettys - Blackheath
Karly Mills September 2012 Private Candidate
Tasmin Farrow August 2012 Samual Oliver - Hayes, Kent
Paige Skinner August 2012 Celsius - Chislehurst
Michaela Holliday July 2012 Unique Hair & Beauty
Tayla Kelly July 2012 Shell Shock, West Wickham
Lauren Parsons July 2012 Diamante, West Wickham
Karlea Taylor July 2012 Snipperz, SE28
Nicolle Price July 2012 Claus & Co, Bickley
Henry Tyler July 2012 Chandler Wright, Blackheath
Shannon Fransz July 2012 Diamond Cut Hair, Lewisham
Rachel Carty June 2012 Shears - Croydon
Jade Clarke June 2012 Go West, SE3
Samantha Morris June 2012 Claus & Co, Bickley
Fikriye Tahir June 2012 Metal Heads, Bromley
Chelsea Ward June 2012 Mirror Mirror, Forest Hill
Danielle Webb June 2012 Reeba, Blackeath
Hayley Murray June 2012 Village Way, Dulwich
Jessica Sanders June 2012 Foxes Hair and Beauty
Lewis Tear June 2012 Changes
Charley Veale June 2012 Gro Hair
Charlotte Hawkins June 2012 The Lounge, SE16
Kirsty James  May 2012  Essence Hair & Beauty
Lara Dean  May 2012  Village Way
Stacey Varnham  May 2012  Reeba
Christie Hedge   May 2012 Claus & Co
Ciaran Capuano  May 2012  Nicky Clarke
Nancy Brown (Adv. L3)  April 2012 The View 
Natalie Spiers  April 2012 Private Candidate
Jade Thurston  April 2012 Roxby  
Lauren Palmer (Adv. L3)  March 2012 Freelance
Lucy Gray March 2012 Roxby
Kirsty Rose March 2012 David Rae
Isabel Eaton (Advanced) March 2012 Regis
Kia Tuppen March 2012 Shell Shock
Danielle Eastabrook  March 2012 Go West 
Giovanna Barba February 2012 Michaeljohn
Neave O'Hara January 2012 Michaeljohn, W1
Olivia Johnson January 2012 The View
Nicole Richards January 2012 Village Way, Dulwich
Amy Sinclair January 2012 GYI
Student Graduation Date Salon
Mimi-Belle Smith November 2011 Hype Hair
Jessica Pullen November 2011 Metal Heads, New Eltham
Pasty Ward November 2011 Mirror Mirror
Jesse McKnight October 2011 Michaeljohn, W1
Tilly Browne October 2011 The Works
Lucy Taylor October 2011 Harold George
Amy Smith September 2011 David Rae
Holly Spedding September 2011 Michaeljohn
Joshua Catchpole August  2011 Smiths Hairdressing
Celia Hannah July 2011 Michaeljohn
Lauren North July 2011 The Works
Samantha Cloono July 2011 Snip In
Jesse Martin July 2011 Smiths
Tanya Gough June 2011 Michaeljohn
Kayleigh Bradley Jun3 2011 Cutting Remarks
Ben Little June 2011 Shell Shock
Perry Whitehead April 2011 Red Hairdressing
Daisy Nash April 2011 Aqua
Katie Chatfield April 2011 Pauls-Boutique Spa, Farnborough
Levi Dunn April 2011 Chandler Wright
Sophie Walsh April 2011 Mirror Mirror
Kelly O’Connor Febuary 2011 Metal Heads (Bromley)
Nicola Ferguson January 2011 Claus & Co
Student Graduation Date Salon
Suzanne Taylor December 2010 David Rae Hair
Stacey McCullough December 2010 Village Way (Dulwich)
Faye Griffin November 2010 Network
April Pitman November 2010 Hair Creation
Samantha Prentagast November 2010 Tag Hairdressing, New Eltham
Dominic Hay November 2010 Tag Hairdressing, Bexley Village
Charlotte Lennox October 2010 Pauls, East Street
Ayse Cigh October 2010 New Image Hair and Beauty
Gemma Cahill October 2010 Celsius
Natalie Freeman October 2010 Claus & Co
Joanne Russell September 2010 Village Way
Laurie Norfolk September 2010 Metal Heads
Amy King August 2010 David Rae
Sophie Denniss August 2010 Harold George
Charlotte Peters August 2010 Ryan Waite
Jordan Cullen July 2010 Hype Hair
Liza Winn July 2010 Michaeljohn
Emily Farrant July 2010 Michaeljohn
Jodie Hazell July 2010 (Not in Salon)
Hollie Rickner July 2010 Hair Creation
Coral Barnes July 2010 Smiths
Carly Vineall July 2010 Michaeljohn
Ben Codling July 2010 Shears – Croydon
Charlotte Gadd July 2010 Michaeljohn
Andrea Laurie June 2010 Willie Smarts (Crystal Palace)
Carly Trew June 2010 RA Hair
Laura Veale June 2010 Whistles
Hannah Morrison May 2010 Attractions
Ayten Inkaya May 2010 (Not in Salon)
Leon Hanrahan May 2010 (Not in Salon)
Jonny Day April 2010 Willis B
Amy Clark March 2010 Ryan Waite
Taylor Morris March 2010 Shell Shock
Jade Short March 2010 T E M P L E London
Alysha Smith March 2010 Village Way - Dulwich
Sophie Borthwick March 2010 Willie Smarts
Roxanne Buckland Febuary 2010 Hansons Hair
Joanne Yanka Febuary 2010 Cutting Rooms
Rayleigh Reed Febuary 2010 Michaeljohn
Chanel Libera Febuary 2010 Michaeljohn
Katie O'Donovan January 2010 Ego Hair & Beaut
Victoria Marsall January 2010 Village Way
John Watson January 2010 Michaeljohn
Ben Newby January 2010 David Rae
Rosie Henry January 2010 (Not in salon)
Student Graduation Date Salon
Claire Cupit December 2009 Harold George
Amie Greig December 2009 Harold George
Lindsay Gibbs November 2009 Willis B
Laura Smith November 2009 Snip In
Kady Gummerson October 2009 Chandler Wright
Ronie Holden October 2009 Pauls
Mariola Kwasniak October 2009 Michaeljohn
Victoria Josland October 2009 Hairdressing Gallery
Theresa゠ Danushi October 2009 Joseph Anell
Mia De Cole October 2009 Temple
Kirsty Johns September 2009 Claus & Co
Heidel Kletta September 2009 H2K
Michelle Fahy September 2009 Cutting Rooms
Amy Lush August 2009 Harold George
Amy Reed August 2009 Chandler Wright
Jade Wiles August 2009 James Aitch
Emily Claydon July 2009 Pauls
Haidee Fairweather July 2009 Shell Shock - West Wickham
Georgina Budgen July 2009 Claus & Co - Bickley
Rachel Cheshire July 2009 Harold George - Dulwich
William Everitt July 2009 Gielly Green - London W1U
Charlotte Lewin July 2009 Hair 2K- Biggin Hill
Jade Rispoli July 2009 Cabello - Petts Wood
Hollie Watson-Freel June 2009 Gossip - Lee, London
Johanna Allen June 2009 Pauls - Downham
Sian Collier June 2009 Mac's - Croydon, Kent
Rebecca Alice Clements June 2009 James Aitch - Beckenham
Kelsey Warner May 2009 Hairdressing Gallery - Beckenham
Nancy Brown May 2009 Ryan Waite - Chislehurst
Faye Eldridge May 2009 Nuthatch - Beckenham
Lyndsey Wales May 2009 Next Ahead, Keston, Kent
Beckie Harrington May 2009 No placement due to Maternity leave
Amy Heath Febuary 2009 Michaeljohn, W.1.
Donna Maskell Febuary 2009 Split Ends, London SE16
Gokhan Mustafa Febuary 2009 Escape Hair, Eltham
Tanya Cemal January 2009 Metal Heads, Bromley
Christine Dartnell January 2009 Pauls, Chelsfield
Elizabeth Dewell January 2009 Michael Andrew, Dulwich
Student Graduation Date Salon
Ismail Mahmut November 2008 GMs East Dulwich
Katie Lindsall October 2008 Michaeljohn, Mayfair W1
Laura Hodges September 2008 Escape, Eltham
Geva Mansell September 2008 Hair Creations, Orpington
Charley Attard August 2008 Claus & Co, Bromley
Perry Zweers July 2008 Blackheath Hair Studio
CJ Vineall July 2008 Michaeljohn, London W1
Chritinas Boffa July 2008 Michaeljohn, London W1
Nathalie Bayley June 2008 Percy Reed, London, W1
Faye Chapman June 2008 Lynz Hair and Beauty, Bromley
Rebecca Hodge June 2008 Hair 2K, Biggin Hill, Kent
Chanelle Lansiquot June 2008 Kosit Hair Designs, London
Kerry Markham June 2008 Mojo Hair Co, Lewisham, London
Gianni Mattia June 2008 James Aitch, Beckenham
Danielle McConville June 2008 Willis B, East Dulwich
Kassie Potter June 2008 Regis, Bromley
Katie Ricketts June 2008 Alexander Hair, Croydon Surrey
Charley Robinson June 2008 London Bridge Salon SE1
Matthew Salter June 2008 Michaeljohn, London W1
Mickie Horwood June 2008 James Aitch, Beckenham
Hollie Coram May 2008 Go West, Blackheath
April Pitman May 2008 Ryan Waite, Chislehurst
Kirsty Webster May 2008 Burlingtons, London W1
Laura Huggins May 2008 Changes, Dulwich
Natalie Burton April 2008 David Rae Hair, Pettswood
Leahna Edwards April 2008 The Gallery, Lee Green
Sarah McClymont March 2008 James Aitch, Beckenham
Emily Farrant March 2008 Michaeljohn, Mayfair
Gemma Francis Febuary 2008 John Edwards, London
Jessica Marella Febuary 2008 Joseph Anell, Lewisham
Jade Saunders January 2008 Chandler Wright, Blackheath
Elliot Gerred January 2008 Hair 2K, Biggin Hill, Kent
Danielle Hughes January 2008 Ego Hair & Beauty, Greenwich
Holly Whitbread January 2008 Reeba, Blackheath
Student Graduation Date Salon
Lucy Alderman December 2007 Regis, Bromley
Sarah Horobin December 2007 KTS Hair, Bexleyheath
Amy Flint December 2007 White Horse Hair, Croydon
Joanne Russell December 2007 Village Way, Dulwich
Siobhan Baynes December 2007 Michaeljohn, Mayfair
Stacey Pease December 2007 Cutting Remarks, Orpgton
Amy Range December 2007 Simon Neil, Petts Wood
Estelle Rawlings December 2007 Cutting Remarks, Bromley
Michael Hollyer November 2007 Temple London, Chislehurst
Daniella Falzon November 2007 Hansons Hair- Swanley
Harriet Freel November 2007 JLT Hairdressing, W1
Dominic Hay November 2007 Cutting Remarks, Orpington
Kelly Jackson November 2007 Changes, Dulwich
Sade Kent November 2007 Hansons Hair- Swanley
Emma Corbett October 2007 Creative Kut, Bromley
Stephanie Went September 2007 Chandler Wright, Blackheath
Jade Cox September 2007 Headmasters, Bromley
Suzanne Taylor September 2007 Pauls, Bromley
Carly Landau September 2007 Michaeljohn, Mayfair
Stacey Arnold September 2007 Mirror Mirror, London
Roxane Jenkins September 2007 Chandler Wright/Temple London
Lindsey Parvoux August 2007 Cutting Remarks, Beckenham
Jamie Badger August 2007 Burlingtons, London
Abigail Collins August 2007 Next Ahead, Keston, Kent
Michele Reidy August 2007 Huntley Brown/Sarah Roberts
Lucy Joy August 2007 Chandler Wright - B/Heath
Jemma Gale July 2007 Chandler Wright - B/Heath
Carly Cambell July 2007 Shears - Croydon
Michelle Davies July 2007 Returned to training
Laura Sinnock June 2007 Cutting Remarks - Bromley
Zoe Jamison June 2007 Morgan Hair - London SE16
Tiffany Sleep June 2007 R&L Hair Studio - London
James Demetris May 2007 Michaeljohn - Mayfair
Craig Hickleton May 2007 Michaeljohn - Mayfair
Billie Magee May 2007 Village Way - Dulwich
Alice Raith May 2007 James Aitch - Beckenham Kent
Abby-Rose Digins May 2007 Breezes - London SE9
Joshua Young April 2007 Michaeljohn - Mayfair
Jane Smith April 2007 Chander Wright - BexleyHeath
Martina Sargeant April 2007 The Hair Company - London SE26
James Lincoln April 2007 Gossip - London SE12
Victoria Josland April 2007 Hairdressing Gallery - Beckenham
Tiffany Davies April 2007 Changes - Dulwich
Stephanie Cutts April 2007 Village Way - Forest Hill
Giovanni Delmaestro Febuary 2007 R&L Hair Studio -London SE14
Sarah Connolly Febuary 2007 Harold George - Dulwich
Thomas Baines Febuary 2007 Michaeljohn - Mayfair
Sophie Pestill January 2007 Michaeljohn - Mayfair
Dominic Latouche January 2007 The Works - London SE17
Sandra Tullett January 2007 Harold George - Dulwich
Student Graduation Date Salon
Yasmin Yilmaz December 2006 Head Start - Green St. Green
Suzanne Brazil December 2006 Cutting Remarks - Orpington
Elizabeth Murray November 2006 Metal Heads - Bromley
Victoria Murphy November 2006 Chandler Wright - Chislehurst
Aimee Tobin October 2006 James Aitch - Beckenham
Rachel Sarah McCullough October 2006 Morgan Hair - London SE16
Lydia Braxton October 2006 Chandler Wright - Chislehurst
Jenna Mold September 2006 Michaeljohn - Mayfair
Charlotte Louise September 2006 Michaeljohn - Mayfair
Kirsty Johns September 2006 Claus & Co - Bickley
Molly Coxill August 2006 D'Azure Hair and Beauty - Eltham


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